“I started using Dr David Hooper’s Mini Music Books this year (2012) for Years 1, 2 & 4. The children have worked their way through the structured and graded exercises with interest and focus. For Years 1 & 2, once they completed the first couple of tasks, the format became familiar to them and the following exercises flowed well and quickly in the 40 minute session, leaving time for practical activities. They enjoy the fun drawings which complement the activity by bringing the relevant song, rhythmic pattern, or instrument to mind. There are many opportunities for the children to create their own mini compositions, i.e., rhythmic patterns, canons, simple solfa tunes. Year 4’s have really enjoyed the upbeat and jazzy backing tracks for the recorder too but these would also work with tuned percussion or ukulele. The Mini Music Books comprehensively cover the content of the current Queensland Music Syllabus and it would appear to align with the recent draft of the Australian National Curriculum: The Arts as well. For the teacher, the music book becomes a document supporting the level of achievement for the student’s portfolio which assists with reporting. David has also created a timeline or schedule detailing approximate sections which need completion by the end of each term which helps with planning. Another practical point is that they are  ‘mini’ and take up less storage room in the music cupboard.

Thanks David for your painstaking and methodical work. After 20 years of teaching music to Primary aged students, I can honestly say the Mini Music Books are a welcome and worthwhile addition to any school’s music program.”

Gabrielle Mitchell
B.A. Mus. Ed., A. Mus. A.
Music Teacher, St Sebastian’s School, Yeronga, Qld


“Mini Music Books represent great value for money. They are well set out and sequentially developed to effectively introduce and consolidate musical concepts. The children enjoy using them and gain a sense of satisfaction as they see their knowledge and skills building. The books cover an excellent range of activities saving teachers time in preparation and photocopying. These well presented small books are easily affordable and easy to store. I have used them to enhance learning from other resources and find that having them on the booklist raises the profile of music in our school. The children eagerly looked through them as soon as they received them in class. I would happily recommend them!”

Sue Chapman
M.Arts Ed., B.A. Mus Ed. (Distinction), L.T.C.L., A.Mus.A., A.S.D.A.
Music Teacher, Holy Family School, Indooroopilly, Qld


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